Diploma in Ayurveda

Diploma in basics of Ayurveda nursing and panchakarma therapy (One year certificate course )

Ayurveda is an instruction manual for healthy and natural living.
One year diploma course gives you both theoretical and practical experience to heal disease as an Ayurveda therapist.
The study module includes basics of Ayurveda, panchakarma, and all related procedures called kriya karmas, which include all type of kizhi, Dhara, abhyanga, pizhichil..etc. All kind of classical and traditional Ayurveda therapies are included in this course.
It also includes herb study, and herbal preparations related to kriya karmas. 6 months in house practice and 6 months other hospital training make you an authentic Ayurveda therapy practitioner.
Hands on master training under expert doctors and experienced senior therapist will mold you into a professional Ayurveda therapist.

Herbal Preparations