Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Therapy

Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Therapy (Two weeks certified program)

This program explains various aspects of ayurvedic beauty care methods.
It includes face treatment, hair and scalp care and different body care methods.
Different combination of herbs as oils and pack are used for the face care. Many methods of massages, herbal paste preparations for different textures of skin, powdering and mixing method of scrub, and using different decauctions for the facial skin cleaning etc. are explained in this program.
Different herbal oil massage play an important roll in hair and scalp health. Hot oil massage helps to remove dandruff and dry scalp. Hair care program also include cleaning scalp with thali (the herbal wash), herbal fumigation, and different kind of herbal hair packs.
Body care method try to balance the inner peace of mind and external beauty. This mainly concentrate the oil massage, udbartana (herbal scrub), parishe ka (medicated dicoction bath) and shirodhara. These treatments helps to increase the circulation and relief mental strain and work stress.
With this program one can achieve the natural techniques to achieve one’s unique beauty.